The Economist Gets It – The New Political Divide is Open vs. Closed, not Left vs. Right

I agree. International cooperation is foundational for peace and global prosperity. Openness doesn’t mean losing sovereignty, but it does mean collaboration, cooperation and a recognition that we are all interconnected by technology, a global economy, and a common humanity.

“They must also acknowledge, however, where globalisation needs work. Trade creates many losers, and rapid immigration can disrupt communities. But the best way to address these problems is not to throw up barriers. It is to devise bold policies that preserve the benefits of openness while alleviating its side-effects. Let goods and investment flow freely, but strengthen the social safety-net to offer support and new opportunities for those whose jobs are destroyed. To manage immigration flows better, invest in public infrastructure, ensure that immigrants work and allow for rules that limit surges of people (just as global trade rules allow countries to limit surges in imports). But don’t equate managing globalisation with abandoning it.”

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