Voter Information and Public Information 

For everybody who is angsting over Kim Wyman and Jay Inslee’s decision on voter data…it’s all right here – subject to the RCW’s as noted:

Oh – and the Social Security Administration, Internal Revenue Service are executive agencies – and have data, too. And the president already runs those… Medicare, Medicaid, Federal Student Loans, Federal EBT programs, postal service forwarding requests, business licenses, NCLB tests – big government means you don’t have privacy from the government. Every interaction creates and stores data on you. On your habits. On your income. Cross that against your very public social media profiles, and it can paint an accurate picture.
This is a big data exercise. This is what can happen when massive but disparate amounts of computer-generated and stored data get pulled together and looked at. You see patterns, find needles in haystacks, and privacy dies.
Don’t blame the Secretary of State and the Governor. Blame a government that intersects every aspect of our lives and technology advances that store the data resulting from those interactions.
This is our future – especially if we keep insisting on the government to intersect every aspect of our life. Government interaction is public information. It needs to be to prevent corruption. It has a dark side.

Voter Information and Public Information 
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