7 Tips For Career Change in the New Economy

7 Tips For Career Change

President Biden announced sweeping plans last night promising to remake the American economy. For many people, that means changing careers as we move toward a green infrastructure and away from one driven by fossil fuels. And while the plans promised millions of new jobs, one of the challenges in filling blue-collar jobs has been a lack of supply of qualified, experienced blue-collar workers.

The changes we’ve seen just in the last 12 months with COVID and politics make any long-term career plan a bit of a crapshoot. Weather forecasters can’t reliably predict the weather three days from now. How is a 22-year old supposed to pick the right career for the next 40-plus years? Most of us will contemplate a career change at some point. It might be a conscious decision, or the loss of a job might be the genesis of a change.

The thought of a new career path can be both exciting and daunting. The risk and reward can both be high. With an effective approach, you can minimize the risk and the reward maximized.

Here are a few tips on career changes that might help evaluate whether a new career is right for you:

7 Tips For Career Change in the New Economy
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