5 Ways To Help Your Kids Grow Up Rich

5 Ways To Help Your Kids Grow Up Rich 1

The first time you introduce your child to money, it will be hard. They may not understand what a dollar is or how credit cards work and instead just want the newest toy they saw on TV this morning. It’s up to you as their parent though; once they realize that all of these things come from somewhere else-namely out of mommy/daddy’s wallet-they’ll start thinking about where their allowance should go every week and whether taking $10 for lunch at school is worth buying an extra candy bar with dinner after coming home tired from soccer practice.

“The knowledge that comes from experience is what separates adults and children. The wisdom of youth holds no secrets for the experienced.”

Teaching your children about money doesn’t require you to have a perfect track record. Your mistakes can actually serve as an example of why a certain habit or strategy doesn’t work, which is infinitely more valuable than just telling them what they should do and not doing it yourself!

5 Ways To Help Your Kids Grow Up Rich
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