[Series] What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know About Accounting – What Is Profit?

What Is Profit? Profit is one of the many terms you’re going to hear when it comes to running a business. It’s important for everyone who has an interest in owning or working at their own place, no matter what they sell or do where that may be READ MORE HERE!

Are We Pushing The Edge on Corporate Debt?

Leveraged loans, covenant-lite agreements, and historically low-interest rates and defaults gave us a frothy corporate debt market. An economic downturn could be crushing on weak banks/FI’s and investors, as well as companies on edge. The article by Fortune discusses the issues in more detail. Long story short, we are operating at the marginal edge, and […]

What is Socialism? Well – it may not be what you think…

Socialism is an economic system based on government control of the means and outputs of production – usually through regulation or ownership. As a practical matter, “socialism” runs on a continuum from government regulation to internalize externalities through total government economic control. I do not universally conflate economic policy with social policy in this definition. […]

Fiscal Policy and Federal Intervention – More Hope than Change

After 8 years of aggressive policy moves by both the Bush and Obama administrations, little has fundamentally changed in the economic life of the average American.  We are no longer looking at a collapse of the banking system. Still, underemployment, wage stagnation, a crushing debt load, and frustration with increased regulation – particularly wage and […]

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