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Federal Court Upholds SALT Deduction Limitation

The 2017 federal tax law, which President Trump signed after a party-line vote in Congress, limited to $10,000 the state and local tax payments that families can write off on their federal income taxes if they itemize deductions. The provision, known as the SALT cap, disproportionately affected residents of wealthy, high-tax states, where residents are more […]

We Can Reduce Gun Violence Deaths With Data Driven Solutions

We can reduce gun deaths – with policies that focus on addressing the root causes, are realistic, implementable, and are data-driven. This article from Cato has some interesting perspectives and potential suggestions – backed by data. It’s with the read. It requires investment in programs and policies. It requires addressing cultures of drugs, poverty, crime, […]

Voter Information and Public Information 

For everybody who is angsting over Kim Wyman and Jay Inslee’s decision on voter data…it’s all right here – subject to the RCW’s as noted: https://www.sos.wa.gov/elections/vrdb/extract-requests.aspx Oh – and the Social Security Administration, Internal Revenue Service are executive agencies – and have data, too. And the president already runs those… Medicare, Medicaid, Federal Student Loans, […]

Press Bias – Barring the Press is the Wrong Approach

This is absolutely the wrong way to deal with the press, even hostile or “fake news” press, and the actions by the administration are unacceptable. White House bars Daily News, multiple outlets from press briefing. The White House barring multiple outlets from getting briefed as it let a select few in to ask questions. Freedom […]

Rawls and the Veil of Ignorance in the Constitution

On this Constitution Day weekend, one of the timeless components that has allowed the United States Constitution to survive for over 225 years has been the design elements that help prevent self-dealing and reduce overt temptation. John Rawls (1921-2002), an American moral and political philosopher focused on the political decision-making process and the inherent biases. […]

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