Move F.A.S.T.

Move F.A.S.T. !


  • Future Impacts
  • Accountability
  • Systems
  • Transparency



We need to maintain focus and keep the throughput of change manageable and digestible – for our team, our clients and our bottom line.  There are lots of great ideas that we need to move FAST on – and we evaluate them starting with Future Impacts.


Future Impacts


Many times, a business is very reactive – even emotive. We see an issue and resolve it.  We see an opportunity and we grasp it.  We see talent and we embrace it.  Where businesses will find themselves in trouble is if they take these steps without playing the situation forward.


How does this decision play out in 60 days?  6 months?  2 years? Are we really fixing an issue, or making a bigger one elsewhere?  Will this decision help or hurt our clients, our team, or our company vision of who we are and where we are going?  This process doesn’t need to take a ton of time, but does need to be done – and done thoughtfully.


There are few perfect decisions, and all of us will make mistakes. If we work this process of looking at future impacts, engage our colleagues in helping us figure out those impacts, and communicate our thoughts, we will tend to limit mistakes and make better decisions.

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  1. Terence R Monaghan

    Couldn’t agree more. Former Marine Corps Commadent General Gray told his Marines, “Dont send your uniforms to the dry cleaners”. By that he meant things change, be ready and prepared!!


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