Leadership Thoughts

I was reading a few books this week (what else is new, right?) and came across a couple quotes that I wanted to share — enjoy!:

“Jim Collins’ notion of Level 5 managers, in his book Good to Great, comes into play here. Level 5 leaders, he argued, are the ones who are best suited to take an organization from good to elite status. As for Scorsese-style managers, Collins said, they tend to be low-key figures rather than celebrities, driven by passion and vision and an attention to detail. They are not entertainers.” – Rob Asghar – Leadership is Hell

“It takes a Superman to be a functioning CEO and a deity to be a good one. More often than not, the aspiring CEO believes he’s a bit of a deity, which is why he thinks his natural place in the scheme of things is at the very top. But he usually hasn’t counted the cost; he typically hasn’t done an honest accounting of the pros and cons of leadership.” – Rob Asghar “Leadership is Hell”

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