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Negotiation and Evaluation of Equity and Debt Facilities

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Equity and debt financing can make or break your business. As a business owner, you need to get beyond the spreadsheet and the smooth talk to understand the actual terms and implications for you and your business.

I bring 30 years of evaluation and negotiation experience – including over a billion dollars in private equity and structured finance deals – to your transaction. I can help you understand the numbers and terms – and assist in vetting term sheets, potential partners, and deal structures to meet your objectives.

You may be raising money, transitioning your business, or finding yourself in “special credits” or a severe default or potential business failure. Each of these cases requires a calm assessment of alternatives and a negotiated outcome that protects you and your life’s work. 

I also work with banks, private lenders, and financial sponsors in turn-around, receivership, DIP, and transitional management situations to stabilize the assets and position them for sale, refinance, or successor management. This includes real estate assets, small and mid-sized businesses, and family-owned enterprises and estates.

Key Expertise:
  • Representation to negotiate debt and equity facilities
  • Work-out, restructuring, and receivership operations and consulting
  • Preparation of financing packages and pitchbooks 
  • Evaluation of term sheets, loans and structured finance facilities
  • Vetting bankers, financial sponsors and management teams

Negotiation and Evaluation of Equity and Debt Facilities

Offering Financial Advice And Management To Businesses Great And Small


Practice Areas

  • Banking & Finance
  • Capital Markets
  • Competition Evaluation
  • Controls Evaluation
  • Corporate M&A
  • Receiverships
  • Labor & Employment
  • Private Financial Planning
  • Real Estate
  • Bankruptcy
  • Taxation
  • Executive Coaching
  • Board Service
  • Hiring and interviewing
  • Dispute Resolution

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