Religion and Spirituality Books

Beyond Anger: How to Hold On to Your Heart and Your Humanity in the Midst of Injustice

A book with several excerpts from the Buddhist tradition on anger and anger management. A short book will make you think and deeply reflect on your own perspectives on anger and frustration—an intense, wise read.

Creative Ministry

A must-read for any Christian teacher or preacher. Nouwen is a wonderfully approachable author, and this book is no exception. Taking a broad perspective on ministry, Nouwen was on too many societal trends and changes when The author wrote this book nearly 50 years ago. Prescient on the secularization and dissatisfaction of society – to include foreshadowing the opioid crisis and rise in suicide, Nouwen provides guidance and inspiration for anyone called to ministry – not just the priesthood. A great read.

Fuel Your Faith: A Practical Guide to Igniting a Healthy Spirituality

Jean provides a common sense and very approachable guide to building a healthy spiritual fire. Touching on prayer, Lectio Divina, journaling, community, acceptance, and other necessary and suggested approaches, she reminds you that the fire starts with the kindling of all kinds and needs to be fed and nurtured to blaze. A great read.

Living a Life that Matters

The book provides perspective on the meaning of life from the standpoint of accomplishment and purpose. Kushner provides tremendous insights on the role of the parent, the spouse, the child, and the little things that make each of our lives have purpose and meaning. The stories are fantastic, as is the book as a whole—a great read.

Man’s Search for Meaning

This consummate classic is a must-read for everyone – multiple times. Frankl’s experience in concentration camps during WWII is analyzed through his psychiatrist lens and the framework of logotherapy. Fundamental to understanding the meaning of life is to have a purpose and direction. Perhaps the most interesting quote is in the Afterword – written by William Winslade. In the Afterword, Winslade notes that while Freud explored depth psychology – focusing on the past, Frankl practiced “height” psychology – focus on the future. His insights into the meaning of suffering, coping with hopelessness, and deriving meaning from life itself are must-reads and must remember—a great book.

Overcoming Obstacles to Meditation: A Short Guide

There are many books on meditation out there, and I’ve read more than I care to count. I struggle with it mightily, and this book is one of the best at explaining why and how to overcome the obstacles. Written by an author who knows what he’s writing about at a deep level, this is a must-read for any meditator.

The Sorites Principle: How to harness the power of perseverance

Little by little, we make progress. It is in the giant leaps that we fail. So says Ian Gibbs and his book on making slow and steady changes to get overall progress. Our impatience is our biggest enemy and manifests as Grog, our animal instincts. Conquering this isn’t possible. You must harness it. The book shows you how.


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