Principles of Finance – BA 300 – Spring 2017 – Saint Martin’s University

Welcome to BA300 – Principles of Finance.  I am looking forward to spending the next few weeks with you as we explore Corporate Finance.

A few things as we dig into the semester –

Tests and homework will be open book, open notes and open computer.  It will be helpful if you have a laptop or tablet for the exams and classes.  My philosophy is that you should know how to find, apply and interpret the key components of financial analysis – not memorize formulas and definitions.

Finance, by nature, is highly quantitative and forward looking.  We will spend extra time on some of the quantitative and mathematical elements to make sure you are comfortable with them.  We will use Microsoft Excel as our primary tool for the analysis. If you do not have access to Microsoft Excel, you may find Google Sheets and several free and near freeware applications useful for tests and homework. While a financial calculator might prove useful, it will not be required for this class.

There should be no reason that you do not pass this class if you complete the assignments, focus on what is covered in class, show up and participate.  I am planning on recording the lectures and posting them to YouTube, so if you need to review a class lecture, it will be available to you.  These are not good replacements for in-class participation, but should help with review and dealing with the occasional absence.

I’m looking forward to class next week!

BA 300 Syllabus

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