Money and Banking – BA 311 – Spring 2017 – Saint Martin’s University

Welcome to BA311 – Money and Banking.  I am looking forward to spending the next few weeks with you as we learn about how the financial markets and economic policies impact business operations.

A few things as we dig into the semester –

Tests and homework will be open book, open notes and open computer.  It will be helpful if you have a laptop or tablet for the exams and classes.  My philosophy is that you should know how to find, apply and interpret the key components of financial analysis – not memorize formulas and definitions.

The course will be policy focused, as opposed to math focused.  As a manager – regardless of major or industry – it is critical that you understand the impacts of economic policy and the financial markets on your family, your company, or your country.  Economic policy, as influenced by and through the financial sector, has tremendous impacts on all of us.  We will be focused on those impacts in this course.

There should be no reason that you do not pass this class if you complete the assignments, focus on what is covered in class, show up and participate.  I am planning on recording the lectures and posting them to YouTube, so if you need to review a class lecture, it will be available to you.  These are not good replacements for in-class participation, but should help with review and dealing with the occasional absence.

I’m looking forward to class on March 27!

BA 311 Syllabus Spring 02 2017

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