A Criminal Defense (Philadelphia Legal)

A good legal thriller with some unexpected twists and turns. When a young reporter turns up murdered, the police hone in on one suspect – the wealthy David Hanson. The truth, however, is far more complex and runs the gamut from crooked cops to the death of a parent 20 years prior. Written in an engaging style and an easy read.

Dark Matter

Without spoiling the book – imagine if you will the ability to get a “do over”. A “do
over” on every decision, from where you work and who you marry to what you have
for breakfast. Imagine now that each decision not taken creates a branch , an alternative universe, where the result of that decision plays forward. Now multiply that by tens of billions on people who ever lived. Any by every animal and other sentient being. When a butterfly flaps its wings in Japan, a storm arises in Mexico. That’s the premise of this page turner. An absolute must read mind blowing thriller. And one that will have you revisiting many of your decisions as well…