Scalia Speaks: Reflections on Law, Faith, and Life Well Lived

Justice Scalia was a devoted family man, devout Catholic, witty speaker and writer, and brilliant jurist. All of these come through in this anthology of his speeches from his days on the Supreme

Court. Easily read one speech at a time, the reader will get a much more thorough picture of the man and his brilliance in reading this window into the person. A must read, and one that goes in my favorites pile.

The Supremes’ Greatest Hits, Revised & Updated Edition: The 37 Supreme Court Cases That Most Directly Affect Your Life

The 37 most important cases in Supreme Court history are covered in 230 short and relatively easy to read pages. Written by a lawyer for non-lawyers, the book gives the reader an overview of the cases that shape the modern field of law, as well as providing insights on the current (as of 2005 or so) state of the law, politics and the court. While you won’t get the depth you would see in a textbook, you can actually read this book cover to cover and enjoy it. A good read.

United States Tax Court Rules and Procedure – 2018 Edition

With draft pleadings and an easy to read format, anyone practicing before the tax
court needs to know the rules and understand how to advocate for your client. This
is the Bible. Read it. Refer to it often.