Business Law & Legal Environment – BA 225 – Saint Martin’s University Summer 2017

Introduction to the American legal system (sources of law and legal process); forms of business (sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs and corporations); contract law; agency; employment law; torts; products liability; property law; wills & trusts; business ethics. Prerequisite: None

Learning Objectives: Students will develop an understanding and basic proficiency in the impacts that the U.S. legal system have on business decisions and the business lifecycle.


Course Expectation:  Much of the information will be covered in class or the text.  Class attendance and participation is expected.  I intend to record each class and post it to Moodle and YouTube in the event you are unable to attend or wish to review a concept. As this is a hybrid class, there is a lot of “on your own” reading, study and time management.  It is important to keep up with the assignments and the reading, as it can quickly overwhelm you.  There are no tests in this class, but there are weekly writing assignments that must be completed and posted to Moodle.  The assignments will culminate in a final 15-20 minute presentation on the last class meeting date and a capstone paper.

BA 225 Syllabus Summer 01 2017