Ancient Egypt: Discover the Secrets of Ancient Egypt (Egyptian Mythology, Ancient Civilizations, Egyptian History, Kings, Pharaohs, Gods) (Ancient Civilizations and Mythology) by [Phillips, Martin R.]

Ancient Egypt

Covering thousands of years in a few pages is tough. Doing it with humor and dry wit is tougher. This book does both. You get a flavor for Ancient Egypt and a few chuckles along the way. A good intro.

Easter Rising – A History from Beginning to End

The Easter Rising was the final catalyst for Irish independence. This book covers it in enough detail to hit all major players and events, but sort enough to cover it in about 40 minutes. A good and interesting read.


A History of America’s Labor Movement in Ten Strikes

A well written look at the history of the U.S. labor movement from the 17th Century to 2016. Written by a labor historian, and certainly a pro-union perspective on the labor movement, the book is well written – discussing 10 key moments that helped define the current state of the labor movement. While the title is a bit of an overreach – as the history of the country is intertwined with the labor movement but not dominated by it – the book is a must read for everyone interested in politics, labor relations, American history and a labor oriented view of the changes in the labor movement over the last 400 years.

The Middle Ages: A History From Beginning to End

This is one of the better Hourly History books. Covering almost 900 years in 50 pages, key people, trends and events of the Middle Ages come to life. An easy read, the book provides breadcrumbs for further reading and exploring.

The Naval Africa Expedition of World War I: The History and Legacy of the Battle for Lake Tanganyika in the African Interior

A great read on a little studied theater and battle of World War I – the Battle of Lake Tangyangika. Well written and highly interesting. A great read.

Twelve Years a Slave

This book is a powerful testament to the evils and impacts of slavery on one man – Solomon Northrup. Kidnapped from Saratoga New York, Northrup endured twelve years of slavery until rescued by an abolitionist. The sheer cruelty and abuse of power will make you wince. A must read for everyone.

Vikings: A Concise History of the Vikings

One of the best Hourly History books. Covers the 300 years or so of Viking influence from the Arctic Circle to Byzantium. Discussion includes religion, commerce, exploration, politics and more. A good and quick intro to the Vikings.

World War I – A History From Beginning to End

A good overview of the First World War, including looks at the Eastern, African, Italian and Levantine/Mesopotamia campaigns. A quick read, and one that will leave you wanting for more. One of the better in the series.

World War II in Antwerp, Belgium: Experiences of a Young Boy

The author grew up in wartime Antwerp and tells the stories of that time in this delightful book. I imagine sitting listening to the 80+ year old grandfather telling tales of the war. The reader is taken to a different time and the book brings a real and warm, fatherly feel to an element of World War II that is often overlooked. Great read.