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Coaching for CEOs, CFOs and Individuals

CEOs are faced with the challenge of assessing company financial performance, finance staff and key financial relationships. Most CEOs are not finance and accounting professionals, and often feel uncomfortable asking questions of their accountants, auditors or finance staff. I provide financial coaching and sound boarding for CEOs – including assessment of teams and financial plans and budgets, interviewing, evaluating and modeling financing and equity agreements and tax matters that need to stay confidential.

I also work with CFOs and other financial professionals on how best to interact with boards of directors, financial sponsors, banks, auditors and regulators. These interactions are often stressful and difficult, especially for the newly promoted finance executive.  Even the most seasoned professional can use a coach during stressful times, business transition, or after a significant promotion.

I have also served on multiple boards as both audit committee member and finance/operating partner. In this role, I work to assess the finance, operational and legal elements in the company’s strategic plan, and provide board level advisory services to private equity firms, founders, and finance executives. 

Key Expertise:
  • Developing strategic plans, complete with budgets and KPIs
  • Developing professional career and development plans for finance professionals
  • Coaching CEOs and CFOs on board, private equity, venture and bank dynamics 
  • Audit committee and ad hoc committee service
  • Confidential sounding board for CEOs on finance and business transition challenges
  • Candid evaluation of your finance team and processes
  • Assist with all phases of the hiring process for finance teams

Coaching for CEOs, CFOs and Individuals

Offering Financial Advice And Management To Businesses Great And Small

Practice Areas

  • Banking & Finance
  • Capital Markets
  • Competition Evaluation
  • Controls Evaluation
  • Corporate M&A
  • Receiverships
  • Labor & Employment
  • Private Financial Planning
  • Real Estate
  • Bankruptcy
  • Taxation
  • Executive Coaching
  • Board Service
  • Hiring and interviewing
  • Dispute Resolution

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